Nike London


We created three TVCs visually dramatising the unique textures and flavours of Castello’s cheeses. The spots were made with 3D pioneers Man Vs Machine.
As seen on: It's Nice That and Shots


Saving money makes you feel epic… So we made this. People loved it. It became a stag do costume favourite. Someone put David Cameron’s head on Colin’s and gave youtube the giggles and Colin was invited onto UK TV show ‘The Last Leg’.


Two TVCs made for Baileys continuing to explore new consumptions moments and prove that Baileys is not just for Christmas.

Live Show

We worked on the development of Chagall's new live show called ‘Calibration’. The performance incorporates songwriting, electronic music, gloves, reactive visuals, choreography & lights. I did all the art direction of the show, while Adam Stark did all the programming. All the visuals are interactive and reactive with the gloves which are the gestural controllers that are used through the whole show to create the music (and therefore, the visuals too).

This show has been performed in:
MUTEK Montréal / Sonar +D / Ableton Loop / Boiler Room / Latitude Festival / De Effenaar / Reeperbahn Festival / Nesta Futurefest

Double Down

We dropped KFC’s Double Down like it was hotter than the latest Supreme jet ski and had people queueing around the block to try the infamous burger. We teased the launch with cryptic gifs and date only print. The launch took place in a blacked-out KFC with branded T-shirt giveaways and limited-edition packaging.


We made two TVCs for innocent heroing people who, like the brand, live on the bright side of life. Bright graphic print and digital OOH accompanied the spots and flooded grey January mornings with colour.

Must Be Strong

Must be strong is a film made we made in collaboration with trans model anactivist Munroe Bergdorf is directed by Femke Huurdeman with digital make up from Ines Alpha and music from ShyGirl. The film was created for International day of trans visibility.

As seen on:
Love Magazine / Bustle / Wonderland / Out / Attitude / Gay Times / Girls in Film


We created a unique Christmas campaign for playfully shining a light on the talented partners who hand craft and curate every single gift available on the website. .

Ukiyo Cave

Ukiyo Cave’s first Chapter: ‘Surely’ premiered Raindance Film Festival 2018 and was nominated for Best Music VR Experience and Best Debut VR Experience.

The viewer finds themselves in a big cave with water on the floor. A few meters away we see Chagall singing and after a while two mythical creatures step out of her - representing her happy and regretful memories of a lost relationship. The creatures dance through the cave while they are connected to Chagall by magical looking memory streams. The creatures come closer and closer to the viewer and finally drape their memory fluids around you, making YOU part of Chagall’s song and story.

A Qween's Speech

A Qween’s speech is a film made with trans model and activist Munroe Bergdorf and was released on Boxing day offering an alternative to the Queen’s speech calling out issues affecting the LGBTQI+ community. It’s also my directorial debut (hehe)

As seen on:
Gal-Dem / Metro / OUT / Pink News